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Gail was one of three Texas actresses honored by the USA Film Fest for her accomplishments.

The evening included a screening of SPARROW in which she co-stars.


Gail with John Davies in the John Patrick Shanley's love letter to his ancestors.


The amazing cast of FAIRYTALE LIVES OF RUSSIAN GIRLS with director Dylan Key at Undermain Theatre. Playwright Meg Miroshnik flew in from LA and loved the show!


RUTH by Vicki Cheatwood premiered at Kitchen Dog Theater's New Works Festival in May, 2012.

That's Gail as Naomi with daughter Ruth, played by Liza Gonzalez.

DIVIDING THE ESTATE: a stellar ensemble!

Critics praised Dallas Theater Center's production of Dividing the Estate for its outstanding ensemble. Center is Oscar-nominee June Squibb.  That's Gail in the glasses.


Naomi Iitsuka's reimagining of The Odyssey at Collin Theatre Center, directed by Gail Cronauer. Set by Tom Hull.  Lighting by Craig Erickson.

ATLAS OF MUD Slide show!

See an Atlas of Mud slide show under DIRECTING.

Produced at Collin Theatre Center.


Welcome to my website.

My iActor webpage!

Gail Cronauer _youtube

I hope it will serve as an introduction to me:  as a person, an actress on stage and screen, a teacher, a director.  Please take a look at my acting, teaching and directing resumes. Watch my videos, listen to my voiceover demo (download it here!), look at photos of my stage and screen work and my directing. Check out some of the links.  If they don't work please cut and paste.  If you'd like to know more, please contact me.  I would love to talk with you. You can email me through this site.  

 THE VAST OF NIGHT goes International! 

ANDREW PATTERSON's film The Vast of Night  premiered at SLAMDANCE FILM FEST, ran at OVERLOOK FILM FEST in New Orleans and played its first international gig at EDINBURGH FILM FEST in June, 2019.  Called a "MUST SEE!" it's a smart sci-fi set in the 50s. I play Mabel Blanche ("Mabel shares her harrowing story with a raw honesty that will have even the most impatient viewer enraptured") who holds the key to mysterious events.  JAKE HOROWITZ and SIERRA McCORMICK are fantastic as two young people who come knocking on my door for answers about strange occurences. Watch my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for future showing info.  Here's a taste: THE VAST OF NIGHT_teaser

For your viewing pleasure:

TEXAS COTTON.  A wacky Texas tale of treachery and truth from director TYLER RUSSELL.  "Here comes the Judge! (me)" Check out the trailer: TEXAS COTTON_trailer.  It's available for streaming itunes TEXAS COTTON or Amazon Prime TEXAS COTTON.

TE ATA. Produced by the Chickasaw Nation, directed by NATHAN FRANKOWSKI and starring Q’ORIANKA KILCHER as the legendary Native American performer Te Ata. Selected as one of 2017's Best Films By and About Women.   I appear as — Eleanor Roosevelt!  I just posted a clip! Gail Cronauer - youtube.  Available on Amazon Prime at  TE ATA.

OCCUPY, TEXAS. Directed by JEFF BARRY, written by and starring GENE GALLERANO. A disillusioned young man returns to Texas after his parents’ death to take on the establishment and ME, Principal Stringer.  It was a treat to be on set with GENE, PERI GILPIN and LORELEI LINKLATER.  Available on at OCCUPY, TEXAS.
STEPS OF FAITHDirected by award-winning M. LEGEND BROWN.  Faith (CHRYSTIE PHARRIS)  believes she is called to leave her family and begin a new life working on a horse therapy ranch. I play Bell who runs the ranch and challenges that calling.  MALIK WHITFIELD is ranch owner Marshall who falls in love with Faith and helps her win over Bell. Stream it on Amazon Prime STEPS OF FAITH.  I have a great scene in the trailer, too!

A HEART THAT FORGIVES.  Another award-winning film from M. LEGEND BROWN.  We won the BEST SUPPORTING CAST award at the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival.  Available on

Soon to be released...

UNDYING.   Watch for this humor-filled horror flick starring JAMES LOGAN  and TERI REEVES.  I play Olga, a powerful woman with secrets -- and I don't die!  I smell a sequel.  Check it out in the PHOTOS section.

KREEP. I am the meanest foster-mom ever to LYMARI NADAL in this twisted Texas tale written and directed by BRETT BENTMAN. It also stars JUDD NELSON.  I just posted a clip! (Gail Cronauer - youtube)

AVALANCHE.  From German director Bastian Gunther and inspired by the documentary HANDS ON A HARD BODY.  A tale for our time.  Look for me as Martha.

RUMP.  My first animated feature!  I voice -- ah, it's a SECRET!

Television triumphs!

REVOLUTION  may have been cancelled but not before I appeared as Patriot Commander Shirlee Jenkins in Austin City Limits, directed by legendary HELEN SHAVER.  Check out a clip on my 2015 Demo. (Gail Cronauer - youtube)

DALLAS: LIke a Bad Penny.  Bobby and Brenda battle with Dr. Monika Englert (ME) to get Sue Ellen released from the hospital.  (Guess who wins?) On  my 2015 Demo. ( Gail Cronauer - youtube)

Weird and wonderful web-series:  plural!

BAIL OUT.  I’m so excited to join the cast of BAIL OUT, written, directed by and starring DENNIS O’NEILL as an ex-NYC cop who moves to Ft.Worth to take over his uncle’s bail bond business. The Irish Mob is following him (for protection!) and I’m one of the ever-suffering “Agony Sisters” who are comin’ along.  ANNE LOCKHART plays sister Anna to my Josie. We are a hoot!

DELPHIS. Looking for something a little different?  Take a look at DELPHIS, a webseries written and directed by SCOT MICHAEL WALKER, who also stars.  Scot was an actor looking for an agent when he decided to produce something that would really show him off. He plays a suburban dad who's having an affair with -- a stuffed dolphin.  I know that sounds strange but it's hilarious if a little raw. He has tea parties to which he invites other stuffed animals (besides his girlfriend Delphis) and that's where I come in. I play Sophie, a stuffed dog (the live action version) who challenges his position as head of the tea table.  Check it out on Delphis Episode .NOTE:  Preview it before you tell your mom (or kids) about it.  

MAKIN' IT.  An hilarious take on the life of an actor and his less-than-reputable agent.  I play the agent's Mama, who also runs a strip club.  Still shooting...  I'll keep you posted!  

PIGGY’S LAMENT (formerly OF MICE AND MARY).  Writer-director-actress STACY CUNNINGHAMS's pilot about women and ghosts on Death Row screened at the USA Film Festival in Dallas to great acclaim.  (See the photo of me with noose marks on my neck.)

My Demos!

All edited by DAVID PINKSTON.  Check them out on - you guessed it: Gail Cronauer - youtube!

Treading the boards...

WHITE RABBIT/RED RABBIT, Dallas Theater Center. I was lucky (?) enough to be chosen to participate in this groundbreaking theatre experience. Each night a new actor performs the show on book, never having read the script beforehand! Each night is different. Each night will be new. Every night will be a riot! No actor can perform more than once, as part of the deal is that the performance is "cold".  Look for the rabbit photos!

LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES had a successful run at Theatre 3 in Dallas last summer.  I played Madame Rosemonde in this contemporary imagining of the play directed by Tiffany Nicole Greene.

OUTSIDE MULLINGAR.  Summer '16 got off to a sizzling start playing the aged Irish widow, Aoife, in this charming piece my John Patrick Shanley at WaterTower Theatre, directed by the fantastic Rene Moreno. You'll get a grand taste of it at:  Here's a sample of what the critics had to say:

Watching (John) Davies and Cronauer is like watching a couple of Bentleys roll unceremoniously down the street. They make it look so easy as they mine their characters for every bit of realness, trading back and forth as Tony and Aiofe in that way that people who have been friends for many years tend to do.                                

Janice L. Franklinpublished Friday, June 10, 2016, THEATERJONES.COM

FAIRYTALE LIVES OF RUSSIAN GIRLS. I was honored to share the UNDERMAIN THEATRE stage with the amazing cast of this play by MEG MIROSHNIK,  directed by DYLAN KEY.  I played a (maybe?) witch of a woman who loves to fatten up little girls and … you know the story.  Great show, great houses, great press — and a wonderful radio interview of me for KERA by Jerome Weeks.

5-shows-in-5-days! That was the Facebook challenge to actors:  post photos and thoughts on 5 shows that shaped your career.  Check out my choices on under PHOTOS.

Classes and coaching:

"In my 30+ years of acting as a student and professional, Gail stands as one of the best, most insightful, smartest teachers of the craft
I’ve come across.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”  Sitara Falcon, actor
“...the one and only Gail Cronauer. She is it. I learned more from her than she’ll ever know. She turned it from “the thing” you did to “the thing” you are.”
Andy Bean, actor (, Power, Here and Now, It: Chapter 2, Swamp Thing)

->S.T.A.G.E. in Dallas has CLOSED!  New things are emerging!

After serving the DFW performing arts community for decades, STAGE (aka is closing its doors.  I hope to be offering the following classes again soon, time and location to be determined.  

ACTING ON CAMERA:  You can view some videos of my on-camera classes at Collin College on Gail Cronauer - youtube.

BASIC ACTING INTENSIVE: A synthesis of tools, techniques and experiences for beginning actors or those wanting a refresher.  We wlll cover a LOT of ground in 4 weeks.  Come ready to work and play hard!

#1.  Warm-ups, vocabulary and tools, 3 Knocks Sequence

#2.  Introduction to partner and scene work: 6-line scenes, The Subject Was Roses, The Encounter

#3.  Personal action monologues and cold/ warm reading work
#4.  Contemporary monologues and 16-line scenes

MICHAEL CHEKHOV TECHNIQUE" Sampler": You can see a "sample" of my using one of the Chekhov tools, EXPANSION/contraction  on Gail Cronauer - youtube.  I do a "full out " exploration of a monologue and then adapt the tool, "veiling it," as you might on film. Check it out!  

->PRIVATE COACHING:  For on camera or on stage. Contact me to discuss this!


->THEATRE 3 in Dallas 


Theatre Three, in collaboration with the National Michael Chekhov Association (NMCA) has announced new performance training classes for adult actors, both professional and novice, who are seeking to learn more about the art and science of acting.  In this endeavor Theatre Three seeks to fulfill one of the tenets of its mission statement—to provide a nurturing environment for artists to learn and grow. The theatre will offer classes on Theatre Three’s Norma Young Arena Stage. The next session begins January 18, 2020. The class will explore the acting technique developed and taught by master acting teacher and actor Michael Chekhov, and will be taught by highly respected actor and NMCA certified teacher, Gail Cronauer.

“Michael Chekhov’s work and technique is a gift to the performing artist — or anyone interested in peak performance,” says Cronauer. “It gives the actor real tools, fosters a healthy aesthetic, unlocks the imagination, enlivens the body and voice and fosters ease, confidence and courage.”  

Learn more about the Michael Chekhov Technique on Master Teacher Lisa Dalton's website: NMCA: National Michael Chekhov Association

Check them out and REGISTER at:

Other News...

COLLIN COLLEGE  in Plano, Texas.  Please take time to check out this outstanding theatre department and program. OR on Facebook. We have an outstanding faculty of theatre professionals and have helped launch the careers of many successful alumni  (e.g., Broadway and TV stars BRIAN J. SMITH, JASON RALPH, MICHAEL URIE) and upcoming season and auditions.  

And finally...

I am privileged to serve on the BOARD of SAG-AFTRA, DFW and on the DFW ACTOR'S EQUITY ASSOCIATION Liason Committee.   I am so proud to be working with these amazing groups of people to promote our industry and its talent. SAG-AFTRA Dallas-Fort Worth

Also, consider joing WOMEN IN FILM DALLAS.  This amazing organization supports filmmakers, offers workshops, gives out scholarships, holds networking events -- and so much more!  Women In Film_Dallas

I look forward to hearing from you!




Good News!

Something Borrowed, Someone Blue won the 2017 Dallas 48 Hour Video Project Competition.  Here I am as Mother of the Bride.



That's me and James Logan. Check out my PHOTOS and VIDEOS.


The annual Collin Theatre Center Awards banquet honors student, community and staff artists who made the former season successful.  We also induct former students who are working professionally into our HALL OF FAME.  Recent inductees:  JASON RALPH, actor and producer who skyrocketed to fame in PETER AND THE STARCATCHER,  and JAMES ORTIZ, actor, puppet-master and creator of THE WOODSMAN, which reopened off -Broadway in 2015.  James and Jason founded New York-based STRANGEMEN & COMPANY.  


I had the pleasure of working of Andrew Librizzi's film as Joycee, the dispatcher. The townspeople of Leonard, Texas were thrilled to host the shoot.

Let's hear it for TEXAS-based production!  Here I am with former Collin College (CTC) student Cherami Leigh who stars along with Todd Terry.


I was thrilled to be honored in the BEST ACTRESS category by the DFW Theatre Critics for my portrayal of  Maria Callas in MASTER CLASS at Lyric Stage, 2007. I also received a Column Award as BEST ACTRESS/Equity.  What a year THAT was!



Members of the first Michael Chekhov Introductory Class at Theatre 3.  Stay tuned for information about upcoming classes.



STAGE is a fantastic resource for actors in the Dallas area: classes, workshops  and MORE!  Contact them at 214-630-7722.  I will be teaching ACTING ON CAMERA beginning July 27, 2019.  You DON'T need to be a member to take classes BUT JOIN for a DISCOUNT!


I am available for private coaching:  personal development, beginning instruction, evaluations, audition preparation for stage or screen.  Contact me through this site for more information about my methods and fees.  

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