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Welcome to the NOW NORM!  Things may change but for NOW, Gail Cronauer (@gailcronauer, #gailcronauer) will offer class on ZOOM!

All classes will be held ONLINE in real time via ZOOM.

Students will need to have access to internet and preferably a computer or tablet (cell phone access is possible but tricky).

All classes  will be recorded and stored on Vimeo for students to access as they please.

Students will have the opportunity to submit self-taped “auditions” for class discussion and instructor comments.

Here’s the course outline:

#1. Introductions and opening remarks.  INVENTORY: getting to know your face.   i line/ 3 shots: exploring acting and audition basics

#2. MOS (“mit out sound”): an original non-speaking scene to explore frame, eye-lines and other on-camera essentials.

#3. Eulogy: original piece singing the praises of someone or something no longer is your life - real or imagined!

#4. Working with text: monologues, short scenes

Additional time will be devoted to other topics of importance, such as headshots/resumes, agents, on-set protocols.

ENROLLMENT:  open to adults and mature teens


FOR INFO:     email


(Pre-COVID and Social Distancing!)

You can view some videos of Gail's on-camera classes at Collin College on Gail Cronauer - youtube.


A work-out and skill building class for students who have taken Actng on Camera with Gail, with special attenion paid to individual needs .

Class will meet 4 THURSDAYS, EVERY OTHER WEEK!  Start date TBD.  Email Gail or go to


FIRST CLASSWe will discuss what the class and individual goals are.  We will cover topics of interest as they arise, including specific acting exercises and improvisations, headshots and resumes,  agencies, unions, etc.  I will assign students scenes and discuss them in class as time allows.   During the two weeks between classes, students will prepare and tape the scenes and submit them to me as they would an audition.  (I will provide information about self-taping.) I will be available to discuss the scenes during that time, by email or phone.  I will view the submissions and send notes to students prior to the next meeting. 

SECOND CLASS. Class will view all tapes submitted (screen share) and discuss them.  A new round of scenes OR exercise OR original projects will be assigned and discussed.  Students will prepare, tape and submit them as before.  There will be the possibility of in-class/out-of-class partner work via Zoom.

THIRD CLASS.  As above.



A synthesis of tools, techniques and experiences for beginning actors or those wanting a refresher.  We wlll cover a LOT of ground in 4 weeks.  Come ready to work and play hard!

#1.  Warm-ups, vocabulary and tools, 3 Knocks Sequence

#2.  Introduction to partner and scene work: 6-line scenes, The Subject Was Roses, The Encounter

#3.  Personal action monologues and cold/ warm reading work

#4.  Contemporary monologues and 16-line scenes



You can see a "sample" of Gail using one of the Chekhov tools, EXPANSION/contraction  on Gail Cronauer - youtube.  She does a "full out " exploration of a monologue and then adapt the tool, "veiling it," as you might on film. Check it out!  



For on camera or on stage. Contact me to discuss this!




Theatre Three, in collaboration with the National Michael Chekhov Association (NMCA) has announced new performance training classes for adult actors, both professional and novice, who are seeking to learn more about the art and science of acting.  In this endeavor Theatre Three seeks to fulfill one of the tenets of its mission statement—to provide a nurturing environment for artists to learn and grow. The theatre will offer classes on Theatre Three’s Norma Young Arena Stage. The class will explore the acting technique developed and taught by master acting teacher and actor Michael Chekhov, and will be taught by highly respected actor and NMCA certified teacher, Gail Cronauer.

“Michael Chekhov’s work and technique is a gift to the performing artist — or anyone interested in peak performance,” says Cronauer. “It gives the actor real tools, fosters a healthy aesthetic, unlocks the imagination, enlivens the body and voice and fosters ease, confidence and courage.”  

Learn more about the Michael Chekhov Technique on Master Teacher Lisa Dalton's website: NMCA: National Michael Chekhov Association

Check them out and at:


What former students have to say...

"In my 30+ years of acting as a student and professional, Gail stands as one of the best, most insightful, smartest teachers of the craft I’ve come across.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”  

Sitara Falcon, actor

“...the one and only Gail Cronauer. She is it. I learned more from her than she’ll ever know. She turned it from “the thing” you did to “the thing” you are.”

Andy Bean, actor ( Power, Here and Now, It: Chapter 2, Swamp Thing)

"I just wanted to send a note of appreciation for the acting on camera classes. I've read some acting books and watched some classes so I've picked up a little bit of theory here and there, but your ability to break it down and offer suggestions is awesome! Especially the last class, I had several "lightbulb moments" that would take years to discover on my own. I can tell you go the extra mile and put your heart into what you do, and that's hard to find. Thanks again, I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future! "


"I felt you should know just how much things that you impressed upon me resurface as I navigate this winding path of mine. (and when I've mentioned it to others you have taught, they always say they feel the same way) You took a very scared, blocked, unbalanced, idealist Dallas lad and defibrillated him in various and sundry ways. When I was cut off from my body and all the energy I had to bring to the table, you reflected to me that I was like a floating head - and it was extremely true. I now live completely in my body and the change has made life so wonderful. Reagan I've been thinking a lot lately about my last three years at Collin College, and I just wanted to thank you for all the opportunities you have given me over my stay there. You cast me in my first Quad C show (and first show period), you cast me in my first lead role ever, and you also gave me my first chance at assistant directing…. you made me feel like my opinion mattered and many times you not only listened to me, but applied my suggestion. You trusted me with a lot of responsibility, and I am so grateful for that opportunity. You've helped and guided me in so many ways and I can't thank you enough for your patience and caring."

Jon C.

"My first feature is debuting at a film festival Feb 12th in Huntsville. And I will always have you to thank for anything and everything that happens with me and my career. You taught me soooo much. Especially the last talk we had before I moved to LA about, well everything. Thank you for being the best Teacher I've ever had! "

John M.

 "I first want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending your time and working with me this semester. It would be impossible to put into words how I feel about my one semester with you and your class, but I'm going to try. I did not think my love for acting could be any deeper than it was at the beginning of this semester…. And then I enrolled in your class. And I am so terrifically happy that I did. I had never been exposed to the Michael Chekhov technique before your class and I have expanded my technical tool kit to an amazing size through your instruction. But what has truly made me a better actor was not so much Chekhov as much as it was you. You allowed me to take your instruction and experiment with it an any way I desired. You taught me the importance of leaving my hesitation and inhibitions out of my life - especially when I am the vessel for another person's thoughts and actions on stage. I know many times students enter and leave a classroom - or blackbox - without ever truly being touched by a teacher. But then, occasionally, there's a connection between a professor and a student that influences and changes that student forever. I want you to know that you have had that effect on me. I am not only a better actor for you having been in my life, I am a better person…. I am forever grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn from you. And my scene from Streetcar was the culmination of that time with you. I told Erin last night that I have been going through Streetcar withdrawal since the end of our scene. I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun working a scene from a play. I was so deeply happy rehearsing and performing it, and then incredibly sad having to conclude it. But my consolation is the realization that taking your class gave me the opportunity to perform a scene from one of my favorite plays and playwrights and stretch and grow myself as an actor - which has also made me grow significantly as a person. Thank you for touching my life. "


"I had to try very hard to stay present in class this morning because afterward I was headed to The Horne Agency to audition. I prepared a monologue from Swingers. When I arrived I blessed my stage (everything outside of my car) with the word "fearless" (also what I bless our stage in class). I walked in ready to fucking kill it. Long story short, I now have an agent! :) I thought you might like to know that your name came up through our conversation and Suzanne spoke very highly of you. As you may imagine I am giddy!! "


Other News...

AFTER 24 YEARS, Gail is leaving COLLIN COLLEGE in Plano, Texas as a full-time instructor.  Former students and colleagues gave her a fantastic ZOOM send off in May. Watch her DIRECTING RETROSPECTIVE AND TRIBUTE under  DIRECTING.  You can also check out the GAIL CRONAUER TRIBUTE  on the Gail Cronauer Quad C/Collin Theatre Center Alumni page on FACEBOOK for more wonderful memories. 

Please take time to check out this outstanding theatre department and program OR on Facebook @collintheatrecenter. They have an outstanding faculty of theatre professionals and have helped launch the careers of many successful alumni  (e.g., Broadway and TV stars BRIAN J. SMITH, JASON RALPH, MICHAEL URIE) and upcoming season and auditions. 

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