I do most of my teaching in the theatre department at COLLIN COLLEGE, Spring Creek campus, Plano, TX.

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I also teach at STAGE in Dallas.

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My classes at STAGE meet on Saturday.

The most popular class is ACTING ON CAMERA.

My primary goal is to help people make the transition from stage to screen.
Beginners are also welcome and then the focus shifts to address the individual's particular needs and abilities.
I talk about what make film possible, basic principles and ways to apply them in auditions and on set.
We explore FILM ACTING AS THE TECHNIQUE OF YOU but also ways of creating character that will work on camera.
I have developed a sequence of exercises and demonstrations to do all of the above.
My approach is eclectic and has been shaped by my Method training, Michael Shurtleff's AUDITION, Michael Chekhov's work, Meisner, etc.
Students get on camera every class.  Their work is recorded for them to take home and study.

Classes meet  for 3 1/2 to 4 hours for 4 weeks.  I sometimes offer the class in different formats:  e.g., a one weekend intensive.
The cost of the class has been $160.

I also do private coaching.
Those sessions run between $50 and $75, depending on the nature of the session and the number of session we will be doing.


I also teach BEGINNING ACTING, a great introductory OR refresher class.

We do exercises, prepared performance pieces, monologues and beginning scene work using the approaches mentioned above.

if you'd like to chat about these classes -- or the business in general -- contact me through this website! 

It's FREE!