On a personal note:
I’ve been working hard to take advantage of this uncertain time to find ways of staying creative, vital and sane.
->I’ve been watching a LOT of film and TV. There is so much wonderful work out there!
->Locally, the film and video community is keeping things alive with great workshops, screenings, discussions and more. Check out: Dallas Videofest (www.videofest.org) , Dallas Filmmakers Alliance (www.filmindallas.org), Dallas International Film Festival (www.dallasfilm.org).
->Through my membership in WOMEN IN FILM DALLAS (I am the newly elected vice president), I have joined WOMEN IN FILM AND VIDEO (WIFV) and discovered a wealth of resources. Check them out at www.WIFV.org I met a young screenwriter through the organization and have talked with her about creating material for actors to use in class and in demos. Check out www.WIFDallas.org
->I talked with Zoe Kerr, a recent SMU grad, about her interest in WIFD and discovered that she is a filmmaker who is shooting Demo Reels, including original material, in Dallas. I’ve seen some of her work and she is great!
-> I worked one shoot this fall in Oklahoma. SAG-AFTRA is carefully monitoring the health and safety of its members and production is slowly starting up. I am hopeful that more will open up as the COVID vaccines become more available.
->I am a SAG-AFTRA Texas Local board member. We are working with TXMPA (Texas Motion Picture Alliance), our industry’s lobbying arm, to make the case for film incentives to our state legislature which goes into session soon as it does ONLY EVERY OTHER YEAR!
If you aren’t a member of TXMPA, consider joining: www.txmpa.org
->I have started a “personal project” of writing, shooting and posting a Haiku for the Day on IGTV to keep the juices flowing. I created a short film based on a newspaper article about an 80 year old woman shooting a deer from her kitchen window while making lunch, which I also posted. The author and hunter loved it.
->The Vast of Night, in which I appear, is showing up on a LOT of Best of 2020 lists. Check it out on Amazon Prime!
->I’m learning Italian! Still hoping to make that trip to Sicily!
Let me hear from you! If you are financially pinched, talk with me about it. If you are only interested in a coaching, let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you!
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